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The heart of Reverence is to see the restoration of the tabernacle of David, Praise was given because the acknowledgment of the splendor and wonder of an almighty God. Full of mercy and with a love that endures forever. How much more now must we come into alignment with this act of worship that we want nothing else but to bring him pleasure that we leave our needs and agendas at the door and seek for nothing more but to bring him an offering that would so bless him. How much more now than David (who dreamt of the messiah who has now come and dreamt of having the Holy Spirit live in him which we now do) must we release a sound of praise fueled with Holiness and Reverence. No camera phones, not seeking moments but purely seeking to see him in a greater measure and approach him how he desires to be approached. Reverence nights will be packed with Musical worship, Prayer, Reading of the word of God and communion. Join us as we truly seek to built him an altar.


Dwaine is passionate about the musical expression of worship but also quality Christian Clothing, He is wanting to see devoted sons and daughters being taught and built up in the true ways of the Kingdom by incredible mothers and fathers. To see a lifestyle of worship expressed through lives laid down and a generation that would live the songs they sing and know the cost of truly following Jesus.

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